My career as an Organization Development/Human Resource Practitioner played a major part in my life. I worked hard at it; took it very seriously; got me noticed professionally and catapulted me where I am now a Change Agent and OD/HR Consultant facilitating the growth and development of both the organization and its people in the corporate setting.  There was never a moment that I felt unhappy or tired; bored or fed up doing it!  I love helping top management develop its company’s unique culture syncretized in its company’s vision, mission, corporate values and all the way down to the company systems, controls, and human resource policies and procedures. What is even more challenging in my job is doing customized training designs and facilitation of basic management and staff development programs of the organization for the growth and development of its employees.  

             Whoah!  Indeed! The challenges and experiences I have encountered through the years have given enormous growth and learning to my personhood.  It has opened my world to new discoveries and insights I never could imagine will harness my skills and abilities as a Change Agent. But don’t get me wrong while reading this blog on my career. The road to my career has not been that EASY. Most of my learnings are defined by the small and big mistakes I made along the way.  I have failed a ton in my choices and decisions in life before I realized the good things it all provided in my becoming. With all the odds and broken dreams I’ve  endured, I have remained TOUGH and DETERMINED to stand up and to thrive even more after those fateful falls. One important truth  that has also remained unchanged  until now is my Personal Mission Statement I once scribbled to use as an example  by our Dean in  Values Development Course(Master’s Degree Program) and which  has also served as a living testimony in the training programs I facilitated, is still by far,  my MEANING and my BEING today as a  facilitator ,coach and mentor to others. It is a pleasure to share my Mission Statement to persuade you to do your own PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT, a workshop activity in Values Development Program  I used to facilitate.    Here it is–    


I see my life on earth as a journey toward perfection. Equipped with the power of WILL and REASON, I strive hard to constantly control of my life. In my journey, I meet storms and upheavals; chaos and unrest; times when I would rather surrender than carry on. But I commit to a life that is full, and shall live it up to the fullest of my potentials. I shall live but once on earth so I dedicate my life to others my family, friends, community and every person I may meet during this journey… ‘if I can stop one hopeless heart from aching, ease one pain or catch one while falling, then I shall not have lived in vain’ …

Above all, I acknowledge my vulnerabilities and brokenness as a person yet I vow to heal my wounds in contemplation and in communion with my  Creator and like Him, I shall rule the world with tender compassion, generosity and service. And so, ’am so very am’- still becoming the person my God wants me to become – His image, His child!

             That’s it, folks!  I hope you too, will write your own meaning, live it and see the difference it will make to your life.  The truth is as you grow and develop on a personal level, you begin to feel more passionate about life in all of its aspects. 



              What shall I do now that I have finally decided to extend my reach and continue my learnings and facilitate the learning and development of others as well who are active online?  You bet! One of the toughest decisions I made this year is to join the online community. Technology has rapidly changed and it still is evolving, yet, it has also caused disadvantages and advantages specifically to relationships and communication with other beings. But this is what living is all about now, even in finding jobs, and to stay on this trend, you have to be visible online and be able to reach people globally.  

               Around the world, an estimated 2.3 billion people have active social media profiles and are glued to their social media accounts for four or longer hours. Anyone who desires to continuously thrive and evolve has to go with the flow of life. You may LOL(laugh out loud) at me but it’s true! I am not a ‘techie’ blogger yet.  And I must admit! I find this desire of spanning the decades of my reach quite expensive. Yet, I dare DREAM BIG and my gut says, “Prepare for an enjoyable ride and get ready to pay the price!”  And so,  here I am, I  reach out and connect so there you are to back me up. I commit my unwavering desire to make my website stay RELEVANT and USEFUL to your existence.  


             I am quite excited and enthusiastic to start sharing LIFE ESSENTIALS with you and I dare challenge you to unveil the free spirit inside me because it has FIRED UP since DAY ONE my website got approved by and after fifteen days courted Site Ground to host it… Somehow before I did all these, I have read blogs of bloggers I  pinned from Pinterest since March of this year and back then, I never knew that PINTEREST is a medium for many to make money online ( but I am honest enough to tell you  that I still have to learn how this pinning works) to produce some real wonders to me. I  got in touch with some of these bloggers through e-mail and listened to few of them through their free webinars.  And I am learning a lot!  What is more of an exciting experience for me is the insights I gained from it. There are lots and lots of wonderful topics and quotes I pinned to read and reflect on it to feed my hungry spirit for new learning and insights.  

              I hope to blog and produce e-books on topics and themes that are relevant to every generation living around the world.   But of course! The Gen Y, or Digital Natives, or  ME Gen or simply Millennial have a very special place in my heart.  Expect me to share bits and bits of stuff on relationships, career moves, values, and several “HOW TO” stuff and  Life Essentials that are relevant to the # Adulting Millennial ‘coz YOLO (You Only Live Once).


             It is safe to say that the FREE SPIRIT you shall encounter in this website shall welcome, accept and respect whatever opinions, beliefs, norms, and values the READERS may possess including the WOULD-BE MEMBERS of my AWESOME US community Facebook page.  Whatever it is that bothers you, haunts you , interests you or just about anything you think or feel that is  relevant to your life now , you are always  free to chat about it( wait till I plug-in my chat box or email me and if you are looking for a  LIFE COACH, MOTIVATOR, or simply a FRIEND, the FREE SPIRIT is willing to unveil her masks and share a BETTER VERSION OF HERSELF! Well, that’s it for now. Thank you for spending your precious time reading my FIRST BLOG and I hope to meet your free spirit again soon. STAY SYNC WITH ME!  BYE FOR NOW! OH! And for visiting and reading my blog, grab a copy of my e-book for FREE: How to Write A Personal Mission Statement.  Just click Subscribe and we will send it thru your e-mail.


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  1. I love the idea of your content, but find your blog hard to read. You’re style does not allow for separation of sentences and paragraphs and I find it too busy.

    1. Thank you so much, Lorrie for your honest and candid comments. I will EDIT it again and improve my long sentences. I hope to hear from you again in my next blog.

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