Why Do You Have To Care About Your Personal Brand? (re-Create Your SELF Brand)


Everyone knows what BRAND is. For example MacDonald’s, Coke, Pepsi, Nike. They are all created in the mind of the people. They have this feeling they get including whether they perceived that the brand is authentic. Business leaders find strategies to create brand awareness for their products. They build up a brand image of their brand over time and give it a “reputation” of its own.

A brand is important in Visual Marketing. Business owners spend more time in finding ways and means to BOOST their brand for a competitive edge and live up to their companies’ mission and vision.
And so, whether you’re a student, hunting a job, or luckily employed, you must plan and act like a business leader to optimize your chances of success be at a competitive edge and to get where you want to be, and what you want to become in a meaningful, authentic manner.



There are two(2) important steps to building a great PERSONAL BRAND.

You should make a list of what you have done so far, and then try to consider these steps to guide you in your career moves.

  1. Re-define your Brand Identity.Find the right image that appeals to you, the image you most likely desire to be known for. There are chances that you may draw the attention of people you weren’t wanting attention from and of course! People you are happy to associate with. It is your rallying cry!Consider these suggestions:A. Make a brand MANTRA of yourself. This mantra represents the “heart and soul” of your personal brand. It is a simple, easy to remember statement describing who you are and what have you to offer. For instance, FED EX is”peace of mind” while Coca-Cola is,”To refresh the world”.B. Create your brand LOGO. Your Logo serves as a visual cue that tells a story of your culture, behavior, and values. it reveals your UNIQUE IDENTITY and which distinguishes you from the others and invites people to get to know you. Your logo is actually your “FACE”. You either “attract” or “repel” people.
  2. Identify your Psychographics. Things like Personality type, values, Feelings, Attitudes, Beliefs, Interests, and Lifestyles. Consider the following questions :
  • What words do I use to describe my work? What field do I want to be in?
  • What services do I have to offer to people? What makes me stand out from everyone?
  • How do I make people feel? How do people benefit by knowing or working with me?
  • What kind of personality do I have? What is my lifestyle?-preferences in fashion, food, entertainment, etc?
  • What types of people do I attract with all of the above?



When you have done these two steps, start BOOSTING your PERSONAL BRAND. Start making a good impression in whatever you do and wherever you may be. Always exceed your own expectations and others ‘expectations. Create relationships.Network with peers and try attending local events. above all, Continue to learn new things and discover new horizons to sustain your potentials and optimize your abilities.

Your Personal brand identity is the elastic band that holds it all together and what will make you STAND OUT from the competition.

Invest in it!


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