“SELFIE SHOTS”? How Do You Want Yours To Look Like in 2018?

Another year shall come to pass and unfortunately, there have been so many myths we continue to believe in on how to live our lives, not the way we wanted it to be.

It’s that stable job and steady relationships that shall lead us to wealth, security, and happiness.

Wrong! It is a big lie! Its promises actually take a toll on us each passing year–we are not in abundance, we are not in any way confident in the choices we make, we are not happy!

But, there is a way to get there! I tell you honestly, there’s a way out that is much fulfilling, exciting, risk-free yet undaunting,  and –it starts with the SELF! Whatever job you have, for now, the relationships you maintain, the freedom and pleasures you’ve been experiencing will only have an authentic effect and value on you when you have reconciled them with your SELF.

What I am trying to tell you to do is to put aside some real efforts and time before the year ends, take a  serious SHOT at yourself and discover the ME inside– not the ME the others knew about but the ME you know you are and the ME you want to be…

If you are a millennial reading my blog right now, I challenge you to take seriously what I just said and show an UPSHOT, to the older generation and the world, of the “spoiled” and “entitled” ME generation. That despite the negative expletives written about you-you really are of value to the world and that the next generation may emulate.

Your ‘ Selfie Shot’ is photogenic when you are intimate with your self, you know who you are, and are at home with your self. And when you are at home with your self, you know what will make your life fulfilled, abundant, secure and happy.

Prepare for an intimate life’s journey in 2018. Make a space just for YOU and YOU alone for nothing fulfilling can be attained without SPENDING some time for self-reflection and retrospection. Wait for my holiday offering coming fast this November to enable you to redefine the UNIQUE ME inside you and achieve an irreplaceable intimacy with the SELF!

“Discover and capture your uniqueness.  You know you are irreplaceable when you’ve found out you are different!

-Purple Daisy



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