#Adulting Challenge: How Do you Grow Old?

Growing old is an inevitable phase of man’s growth and development. To say it bluntly, all of us shall die.

Our existence in this world has an end and blessed are we who are  given the opportunity to experience this stage because it is indeed a privilege, and for most of us, this is our “payback” time and a “blessed” chance to make still, the unfulfilled dreams and goals that we haven’t had the chance to do or fulfill in our younger years!

As we grow older, the physical changes we experience are but part of the reality of getting old–and what we can only do is to allow our body to live up to its genetic potential. Of course, we take our meds, follow the daily regimen we were told to do, eat the right foods, and all, they are a necessity to healthy living.  Also, as we grow older, we gain wisdom and are now more credible to share our learnings and experiences with authority.

Two questions loom when we are older: “Can I still make myself count?” ” Is it okay to have been me?” These questions can just pop-out anytime especially when our concern is on being active and productive despite the physical inability or maybe,  plan to just stagnate and be contented by doing nothing at all? Huh! The other concern is the unfulfilled goals and dreams versus the achievements we achieved. Regrets, hopelessness, and depression may bug us when we feel that we have not done our part well in life and feel dissatisfied with what we have only achieved.

The year  2017 is ending. Perhaps, it won’t be a waste of time to make a review of how we have been all these years before we start another year.

Our challenge is to reconcile all the experiences we have had that impacted our growth and development. To enable us to CHANGE and make a better version of our self, you and I need to reconcile with our self, everything that has contributed to where we are now so that we could also better our relationships.

How do you grow old? Take some time with yourself and with others, when you feel you need to involve them and make a review of your life and your relationships- past and present! and try to answer the question: HOW DO YOU GROW OLD?  Make it joyfully and purposely!  Why not?


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